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Saturday, November 13, 2010

La Tartiflette

I've invited Odette to come and see my new apartment and join me for Sunday lunch. I'd just finished my shopping when I walked past a cheese shop which featured a huge cooking dish outside. What's that?

"La Tartiflette," responded the fromager (cheese guy). I had seen Tartiflette on the menus of several restaurants while traveling in Switzerland and Annecy earlier this year, but had never ordered it. I had never even seen it. It's kind of like scalloped potatoes with the addition of ham or bacon (lardons) with Reblochon cheese on top. It's a perfect winter dish - as you might expect from a region in France - La Savoie - known for its mountains and ski areas and its cheeses.

Of course, I had to bring back a sample for lunch. Yumm!

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