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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative writing

Internet dating sites can be quite entertaining. Almost every day offers up a smorgasbord of possibilities. Some sites, such as eHarmony and eDarling, offer earnest descriptions of individuals using real first names and making a best effort to describe what they are looking for: "tired of living alone, a few extra pounds, but a good heart and a good sense of humor".

Photos are a study in contrasts. Some, carefully selected, offer a glimpse of the adventurer, the romantic. Others, sadly, are dreadfully ill-chosen. The caption under Bob's photo in my inbox today was - "worst photo ever . . passport one". And it was awful! Why bother??

Other sites, notably Meetic, offer a selection of individuals using really dumb pseudonyms such as: "beaumek" = beau mec = "good looking guy", or "tatend" = je t'attends = "I'm waiting for you", or "foliqidure" = folie qui dure = "madness (craziness, passion) which lasts". Huh?

Others are simply descriptive: "Michelgolf" is someone who really loves golf and who is looking for a woman who enjoys golf as much as he does.

Some descriptions have me laughing out loud. Here's another one from today's mailbox:
"Je suis trop beau trop gentil trop mignon et trop romantique pour ĂȘtre seul.. je voudrais une femme qui saurait me seduire qui aimerait remplir mon coeur et ma vie" A translation goes something like this: "I'm too handsome, too nice, too cute, and too romantic to be alone .. I'd like a woman who would know how to seduce me, who would love to fill my heart and my life" Gag!

Who writes these things? They can't be serious??

That said, it is easy to laugh; much harder to accurately describe oneself and what one is looking for . . .

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