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Sunday, November 28, 2010


I wish I had some steamy details of a weekend consumed with pillow talk, but alas, I had only a couple of hours to spend in conversation with Andrea and I found myself more in a listener/counselor role rather than something else. . . .

Andrea lived in Paris for ten years before moving to Barcelona four years ago, and his short visit to my place was sandwiched between other previously scheduled meetings and obligations.

Disappointed? A little. The hours spent in blissful anticipation were vastly outnumbered by the meager hours spent together.

At this point in his life he is looking for the love of his life and the mother of his future children, and, obviously, I am at a much different place in my life's journey. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed the hours spent with him and it's nice to be reminded that I am still desirable and "luminous" as he calls me ;-)

He doesn't return to Barcelona until Tuesday. Maybe I'll see him again before he leaves? But I won't stay home anxiously awaiting the musical tone signaling an incoming text message from him.

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