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Thursday, November 11, 2010

My apartment

November can be cold and rainy in Paris and this month is no exception. Fortunately, my apartment offers an antidote to the depressing weather.

My first reaction to the goldenrod-colored closet doors, the burnt orange carpet, and the oranges, reds and yellows of the bed was less than positive. However, I have come to appreciate the warmth that they bring to a gray day.

The walls are still pretty bare, and I'm waiting to find just the right pictures to hang. In the meantime, I did bring back my drum (I found it in the Taos Drum Shop and I'm convinced it harbors some ancestral spirits.) I also bought a small armchair from a nearby shop. The guitar? Left behind by Nathalie, along with a funky orange lamp and hundreds of her books.

The balcony needed some color too. I'm told the cyclamen and heather will easily survive the winter outside. The colors cheer me up and I've even been favored by the visits of some small yellow and gray birds that seem to appreciate the birdseed that I've offered.

The apartment is quiet because I look down on some greenery rather than the noisy street.

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