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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Michel has been out of town for a few days. He spent the long holiday weekend in Brittany at his country house.

Therefore, when Jean-Pierre called suggesting we meet on Saturday afternoon, I agreed. A first meeting is always coffee, this time at a cafe near my place. Hmmm, good conversation. Jean-Pierre is just emerging after the sudden death of his wife of 40 years just 14 months ago. He's not looking to replace her, just looking to come out of his shell a bit.

That's fine with me. I'm not interested in replacing a departed wife - either through death or divorce. I'm not interested in being a nurse, cook, or housekeeper for someone who finds himself alone.

However, dinner companion? Sure. Traveling companion? Eventually. Maybe.

So coffee with Jean-Pierre went well. We decided to stay on for dinner. We stayed at the same cafe/bistrot and had oysters followed by tarte au citron. The oysters were pretty good, but of course it wasn't at all the same ambiance as chez Francis at the Cabane à Huitres. Maybe, if he's lucky, I'll take Jean-Pierre to the Cabane à Huitres next time.

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  1. How do you say "too big a jerk" in French? Trop estupide?