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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I was somewhat vague about leaving Paris to participate in a workshop in the south of France near Montpellier. The course description may sound a little weird to some of you, but I've participated in Robert Moss workshops before and always come away with fresh insights. Anyway, this blog is all about following your intuition (pif) - you never know who or what you'll find. Besides, my drum wanted to go. Moss uses shamanic drumming in his workshops and invited participants to bring along their drums. Mine was lonely hanging on my wall in Paris and wanted to join some friends.

In addition, I've been having some odd dreams lately and knew that I could count on getting some help with dream interpretation. A main tenet of Robert Moss's writing and teaching is about trusting dreams, coincidence, and imagination. There are signs all around us - if we are willing to pay attention.
I was not disappointed.

I woke up Sunday morning after a very vivid dream: I was on the back of a motorcycle with a young handsome fellow with latin features. He takes a drink from a water bottle that has fresh flowers in it and the offers me a drink of the water. I adjust my helmet and we take off.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I'm not likely to find myself on a motorcycle (or even a motor scooter). Too dangerous. And then . . . can you imagine my surprise upon arriving at the workshop and seeing someone across the table with the exact face of the person in my dream? He also instantly recognized something familiar in me. Neither of us could explain it, but we spent an amazing day (and night) together. His name is Andrea, and the front desk put us in the same room, thinking that "Andrea" was a woman's name. It isn't - at least not in Italy where he's from. He now lives in Barcelona, and speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English. I don't know how old he is, but he is younger than I am (but older than my sons!)

Anyway, maybe that is part of the reason I enjoyed the workshop? Even though we went our separate ways afterwards.
Will I hear from him again?

Oh, and the other messages from the workshop:
- live in the present - carpe diem
- pay attention to your dreams
- look for signs and synchronicities
- trust your intuition

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  1. Hi Elaine, I saw Robert just a week ago and he told us all about the adventures in Montpelier. I asked him if he'd heard from you lately. Oh, he said...she came to my workshop! Oh, I was thrilled to hear that. I'm afraid I have not followed your adventures this last year..although I intended to do so...I've been up to my neck in family healing...just a continuation of what was happening at the retreat last spring . But it's all good. I hope your trip has been wonderful. And I will try to catch up with the highlights as well as what you'll be doing at the end of the year! You are an inspiration to many, keep it up.