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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Au revoir 2016

2016 brought some extraordinary political, environmental, and social challenges, and many are deeply worried about the year to come. What will a Trump presidency bring for the United States and the rest of the world? I shudder to find out. 

However, for me personally, 2016 was a good year.  I am blessed with a retirement free from many worries and have settled into life in Portland. I live in a great neighborhood, just a few blocks from son Philippe and his wife Rachel.  

2016 included some memorable trips. I went to New York  City in April with my longtime friend, Cindy. We spent my birthday week indulging in Broadway theater, museums, restaurants, and long sightseeing walks through the city. I ❤️NYC !  

 I returned to Colorado three times, celebrating my Mom’s 85th birthday in October.
My Mom at 80

In September, I went to Paris for 3 weeks. I was lucky to exchange apartments with a couple who spent those same weeks at my place in Portland. With a  free apartment in a familiar neighborhood, plus fine weather, I had a wonderful time reconnecting with Paris friends.

Eric and Shuchen
Additional highlights of 2016 were visits by my son Eric and Shuchen from Taiwan. Eric has almost finished his PhD in Chinese Medicine, and Eric and Shuchen are newly married! They will celebrate their union with friends and family in the spring of 2017.

Finally, the latest highlight of 2016 came on November 26th when I became a grandmother for the first time. 

My year was blessed with good health, love and friendship. I wish you the same during the holidays and in the year to come. Bonne Année!