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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Words and images"

The course description caught my attention:
"Good storytelling is born when the right words are matched with powerful images. This two-session workshop will provide the basic writing tools for crafting a good article and the photojournalistic skills to capture great photos to accompany the story."

Just what I need to take my writing and photography skills to the next level . . .

The first day of class was Wednesday, November 10th. I have a project to work on for next week - and now I am intimidated after seeing the instructor's work.

No more clichés - either in words or in pictures. Each of us left the instructor's studio on the Ile St. Louis looking for unique photo opportunities. Maybe if I convert some photos to black and white it will look more like art??

Anyway, the late afternoon sunshine (after a day of rain) took my breath away. Cliché or not, I just had to capture the light on Notre Dame as I walked home on Wednesday afternoon.

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