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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Annecy is another picturesque town on a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. That seems to be the theme this week. As is renting a bike to explore the lakefront. I took the easy flat trail, but there are also much more ambitious trails for people like Carol and Gary.

I stopped to watch people playing chess in a public park

And even though it was a Monday afternoon, there were plenty of people in the parks and in the water.

The historic center of Annecy is especially picturesque with its ancient buildings, narrow pedestrian streets, canals, and boats for lake cruises.

This is perhaps the most photographed spot of all - the "Palais de l'Isle" a prison built in the twelfth century.


  1. Looks beautiful! How long are you going to be in Annecy? We have some friends that will be there this weekend for a wedding...

  2. I liked the canal photo so much that I've put it on my calendar for July so I can look at it across the room all month.