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Saturday, June 26, 2010


After the visit with Charles and his family I am slowly making my way west towards Paris where I'll move into a new apartment on July 1st. Until then I'm traveling au pif and checking out some places that I've never seen.

Montreux is one of those places that I'd heard of and it's at the end of a scenic trainride from Thun. I'm sure all of you jazz lovers have heard of Montreux and its Jazz Festival, and you're probably thinking that I was crazy to be there just one week before the festival is to begin and not hang around for at least a tiny bit of music. The town was empty and I could find a hotel room without any trouble. Workmen are busy setting up stages and tents near the Montreux Palace Hotel in the center of town.

Here's Miles Davis Hall, the main concert venue, although there will be free outdoor concerts scattered throughout the area.

I noticed that there were bikes for rent along the lake. This was a great way to explore the flowered walkways along the lakefront.

The bike also allowed me to check out this castle a few kilometers away:

I waited for the full moon to rise over the mountaintops. I haven't quite mastered the focus on the point-and-shoot, but I'm having fun.

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