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Friday, June 11, 2010

Leaving Bologna

My week in Bologna ends on Saturday morning and I'll be moving again. The Dickinson student apartment was large and well located, but I did find it curious to lock the both the gate and the front door before going in or out.

I usually have breakfast in the apartment, but today I went out for coffee for a change. As I was walking around the apartment building, looking for a cafe, I was astonished to discover a small park just behind the building. It's not on the map, and I'd always come in and out from another direction so I had never seen it. It was just what I needed after the heat and noise that I've experienced all week. I sat for an hour in the cool morning, writing in my journal and watching the kids play. Soccer starts early here and all of Europe is going nuts over the World Cup.

Next, where to have lunch? I checked in the Slow Food directory and found the address of the Osteria Bottega, tucked away in a street where you would never find it if you weren't looking for it. The place only seats 24 and fully half of the diners today were regulars - greeted with handshakes or kisses by the host.

I started with the tagliatelli alla culatello, accompanied by a delicious Sangiovese wine

And for a second course I had the galletto (roast capon) with potatoes. Delicious!

I didn't have dessert, I wanted to save room for gelato at a place across town famous for its hand made gelati. Yes, I travel on my stomach and ignored the tours of the Ducati motorcyle factory as well as the factories where they make Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis just up the road.

This is Il Gelatauro, with hand made gelato, chocolates, and other sweets. I had my favorite combination, a scoop of dark chocolate and a scoop of lemon. A photo just doesn't capture the unctuous flavors!

Tomorrow is a traveling day. I'll be taking the train to Livorno, Italy where I'll catch a ferry to the French island of Corsica. I've enjoyed visiting and eating in Italy, and even though I can manage to order dinner and make train reservations in Italian; I can't carry on an in depth conversation like I can in French. It will be nice to feel "at home" speaking French again. I'll check in once I get to Ajaccio on Sunday.

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