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Sunday, June 6, 2010


I arrived in Pisa just before dusk on Saturday afternoon. After quickly checking into a hotel, I dropped everything and made a beeline for the historic center. I hoped to take some pictures with the setting sun. Here is what I found when I got to the Duomo:

And no blogpost from Pisa would be complete without the Leaning Tower:

Afterwards, it was time to eat. Ah, my favorite question: Where will my pif lead me? Not here - a mostly empty touristy place in the main pedestrian street.

But alas, not here, just around the corner a packed tiny pizzeria where Italian families were waiting in line for the few tables or takeout pizzas. I really wasn't in the mood to wait for hours . . .

I also spotted this plaza, again away from the tourist street. It was filled with young Italians enjoying the Italian version of happy hour - beer or wine and teeny tiny sandwiches. I felt a little old to join this crowd. Besides, I wanted more to eat than a teeny sandwich.

I finally ended up at a restaurant/pizzeria and had a passable but not memorable pizza. Neither the place nor the food merited a photo.

I've just arrived in Bologna, and now it's time to go out and explore. . .

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