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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I arrived in Geneva on Sunday morning which is a great time to visit parks, and not a great time if you want to go shopping. The normally bustling city streets were completely empty.

Everyone was playing in the water or in the parks. This platform in the lake serves as a "beach"

Complete with changing rooms and a diving platform:

Now that I've gotten the hang of renting bikes, it's a great way to explore the town. Especially the lake fronts which are nice and flat. No work required. The bikes are even free for the first four hours, and I had to wait around a bit for one to be available. Geneva is a major UN headquarters and there were some very evocative exhibits regarding the peace process as well as a series of globes with messages promoting concern for earth's fragile environment.

I also explored the lake in a boat. The boat is a regular shuttle taking people back and forth across the lake and the price was included in the free transport ticket given out by the hotel. There is a huge fountain in the middle of the lake. It's ~460ft high and one the largest in the world. I didn't realize how lucky I was to see it as it wasn't working on Monday morning when I left.

What a great way to pass a Sunday!

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