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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oberhofen, Switzerland

"I have a cousin in Switzerland whom I've never met. Would you be willing to go and meet him and bring back pictures?" Sonia asked.

Sure! I have no plans and I've never really visited Switzerland, so why not? Besides I'm in between apartments right now. I had a quick visit to Paris to finalize plans for a new apartment then did some laundry and swapped my beach clothes for mountain clothes.

Little did I know what pleasures and surprises awaited me.

I corresponded with Sonia's cousin Charles and we decided on a date: June 23-25. I took the train from Paris to Thun in Switzerland where Charles met me at the station. After a 10 minute drive we arrived at his house:

I couldn't believe my eyes as his house sits right on a lake. Check out the view from the backyard!

The lake is dotted with sailboats, and a swan and some ducks swam by for a visit. The lake is also home to a steam-driven paddleboat that chugs past each evening at 5 pm and again at 7 pm:

The weather was gorgeous and we were able to sit outside on the deck to have dinner. We were joined by Charles' daughter Barbara and her two daughters 2 and a half year old Angelina and 10 month old Elena.

Here is Charles' daughter Barbara with Elena:

And Charles with Elena:

This is Angelina's favorite perch:

Grandchildren can be so much fun! And NO, Philippe and Eric, there is no hurry! I'm not ready to be a grandmother or to come back yet . . .

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