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Friday, April 30, 2010

La Cabane a Huitres

I think I'm addicted. I returned to Paris on Thursday night and then moved into a new apartment in a different neighborhood on Friday morning just before noon. Formalities aside, I didn't even unpack before deciding that it was lunchtime. Where to go for lunch? Where else?! My favorite oyster place is no longer within walking distance, but it is a direct Metro ride.

When I arrived, all of the tables were occupied. No matter, Francis the owner motioned to a table by the door where one of the regulars was sitting. (It turns out that the majority of the patrons are regulars!) The 96 year-old monsieur was there too . .

When I first sat down in the crowded space, I jostled the table and spilled a few drops of one fellow's red wine. After a little bit of grumbling, things settled down and the oysters started arriving and the wine started flowing. Because it is such a small place, they often leave the bottles of wine on the table and you can serve yourself. This is not the kind of place where they measure every ounce that you consume!

My oysters disappeared quickly:

This could be very habit forming! I've never eaten such fresh oysters at such a good price in such a friendly ambiance. I'm sure I'll go back there next week . . . They are only open from Wednesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner. I suspect I'll see many of the regulars again.


  1. Happy Birthday Elainie! I have been reading 'My Life In France' by Julia Child and she talks very eloquently about those oysters! Wish I were with you eating them!

  2. i fully agree on " la cabane à huitres " and you should make a trip to arcachon !
    philippe - french and parisian...