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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Île Saint-Honorat

On Sunday the three of us took a boat to the Île Saint-Honorat, a small island about a mile off shore from Cannes. The island has been home to a community of monks since the 5th century. The island is imbued with a very peaceful spirit and our visit to the church coincided with one of the six daily prayer sessions. It was very soothing - even for a non-churchgoer.

There is a XVth century fortified monastery that overlooks the Mediterranean:

And here is the Abbey as seen from the fortified monastery:

The monks spend a lot of time in silence and contemplation, but they also work on the land. The island is planted with two different types of grapes and they produce both a white wine and a red wine that are absolutely delicious.

We brought back a bottle of each and enjoyed it for dinner in the villa. That's Walter and Joan on the right and Emma, who is currently working at the Chateau, on the left.

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