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Thursday, April 8, 2010


My hair is getting long. I usually get it cut every four weeks and now it's been five weeks since my last cut and I'm getting antsy. I miss Neil! She is my hairdresser in Boulder and I've been a regular client for about 20 years. Before I left, Neil assured me that French hairdressers have much better training than hairdressers in the U.S.; but I'm quite nervous about trying out someone new. There is certainly no lack of salons in Paris, but where to go?

Sometimes I even cut my own hair. This is the do-it-yourself method with the tools on hand in the Paris apartment:

I finally asked my friend Nathalie for a recommendation. She raved about her hair dresser whose salon is nearby. I went there this morning. Here I am waiting for Steeve to finish with a previous client (yes, that's how they spelled "Steeve")

I was very pleased with the final result:


  1. I've gotten my haircut in England, Canada and Paris! It's fun to go to a random place and say "do what you think will look good" and see how different the results are. I'm never that brave at home, but for some reason when I'm traveling I'm more willing to take risks like that. Besides, it always grows back, right?

  2. It is amazing what happens when we allow our selves to try new things.

  3. Opps! forgot to say it looks great.

  4. That IS a great cut!