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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I spent the long Easter weekend in Normandy with my friend Odette and her cousin Simone. Both women are well read, well traveled, and well informed. Discussions were lively and wide ranging - especially since they are quite far apart politically; Odette votes with the Socialists and Simone votes with the conservatives. Their political debates were very insightful and they gently agree to disagree. It was also good practice for my French - both language and way of life. Every meal except breakfast started with an aperitif, then first course, then main course, then salad, cheese, and fresh fruit for dessert. We used linen tablecloths with linen napkins - and it was just a casual weekend in the country for the three of us!

Here is Odette's house in the country:

Simone travels a lot to visit her four children who live in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris. Oh, did I mention that Simone is 80 years old and Odette is 78? That is not necessarily important although interesting to learn that Simone will be traveling alone to Taiwan to meet up with three of her children next week. It may also partially explain why I was so nervous with Odette at the wheel of a tiny French car driving 70 miles an hour on narrow roads without her glasses - despite rain, traffic conditions, or large trucks 20 times larger than us. Anyway, I made it back to Paris in one piece, and my white knuckles are gradually returning to normal.

Here is a picture of Simone (in grey jacket and skirt) and Odette (in white jacket) shopping for lunch in the nearby small town.

We visited a couple of minor castles nearby. This is a small one with a couple of different styles stuck together:

This is the chateau Beaumesnil. They call it the "Versailles of Normandy"

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  1. All is as beautiful and lovely as I imagine! Thank you for taking so many photos it really makes your story come to life!