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Saturday, May 1, 2010


On my way home from my oyster lunch, I happened to notice that the Ballet de l'Opéra was featuring an "Hommage à Jerome Robbins" for Friday evening. I had no plans for Friday evening so I inquired about tickets. The performance was almost completely sold out, but they had a few remaining tickets with "limited visibility". The ticket was really cheap - only 10 Euros - compared to the 87 Euros that I paid for the last ballet that I went to!

When I arrived, I discovered that I would be sitting in a "Baignoire" on the main floor. "Baignoire" means "bathtub" in French! Here's what it looked like:

This is the view that I had from my seat in the baignoire:

I could only see the left side of the stage, so I had to wait for the dancers to come in and out of my line of sight. I didn't mind too much though; I had a great view of the orchestra.

Here's what the interior of the Opera looks like:

And here's the domed ceiling which was painted by Chagall:

Here's where you can go to have your glass of champagne during the Entr'acte (intermission):

Finally, this is the outside of the Opera building as we were leaving:

p.s. Someone asked me how it felt to be alone in Paris. Last night I realized that I felt your presence, dear Reader, as I recorded these sights and sounds. I imagined the funny things that we would be saying to each other as we watched and listened together . . .


  1. Beautiful, Elaine! Love the Chagall ceiling. How has the volcano ash affected your travels? You are one well connected traveler. Friends everywhere! How fun. TCS.

  2. I love that you were in the 'bathtub'!!!