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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tilley Hat

I lost my favorite hat yesterday. Aargh. I was riding the metro, engrossed in a book (Tales of a Female Nomad, by Rita Goldman Gelman) I got to my station and jumped up, not realizing until I exited the car that I didn't have my hat. I immediately jumped back on the train and started searching for my hat but I couldn't find it. I rode for three more stations, searching, but never found it. I am desolate. I LOVED that hat. I bought it in Camden, Maine over ten years ago and have worn it to protect me from rain and sun everywhere from Colorado to New Zealand, from Peru to Glastonbury.

I have felt somewhat self conscious wearing my hat in fashionable Paris. I think I've always been intimidated by the French notions of style. I've felt that my shoes were never pointy enough, my blouses never tight enough, my skirts never short enough. So as I walk around Paris in my jeans, Merrell lightweight hiking shoes and Patagonia layers (it's been cold here), I fear that my appearance shouts "American" - even though the clothes I've brought have been perfectly comfortable and perfectly appropriate for the weather conditions. I felt equally self conscious about my hat, in spite being complimented twice on the street. One French woman asked where she could find one like it in Paris, and another said it looked Brazilian and sexy. No one seemed to find it as dorky as I felt. And it has served me well, providing light weight sun protection as well as keeping me and my glasses dry in the rain.

Anyway, I'd become quite attached to the hat; but I have taken its loss as a message from the universe that it is time to let go of some old stories, and to develop a new look as I write a new story for myself. My first purchase? Some silly socks.

What did you expect? Dior?


  1. I'm sorry you lost your favorite hat, but there are worse places to be than Paris if you need to re-boot your wardrobe! Some of my favorite shirts that I wear all the time I got there five years ago, and just this Saturday Rachel's aunt was complimenting me on a coat that Rachel got me in Paris the week we got engaged...

  2. The photo of you and Margo is lovely and brings back nice memories. You've bought these amazing socks are you actually wearing them out? They would turn my head ha!.

  3. so bold, so bright, so Elaine? !!! Paris IS having an effect on you!
    Tillies, I believe can be mail ordered - or are you seeking a new hat in your new city and for your new life?

  4. I know it's late to post a comment, but....I saw your new Panama hat as you strolled up to greet JD and I at the Eiffel Tower and you looked Soooo Paris and 'nifty', 'savvy' and 'trendy' as you stepped lively to greet us. You were a welcome sight! ....Teri