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Friday, May 21, 2010


I had a massage on Friday afternoon to soothe my sore muscles after moving into a different apartment. The massage therapist was recommended by Bo, an English friend who lives in Paris and is expecting her first baby this summer.

I wasn't disappointed - the massage was WONDERFUL and I floated out of there.

This was my first and only massage in Paris, so I don't know how common my experience was. And I should first remind you that the French have a much more relaxed attitude to nudity that we do in the U.S. The beaches are largely topless here.

Anyway, when Bo recommended this particular massage therapist, a man, she also told me what to expect. Here is the package that he handed me to cover up in preparation for the massage:

And here is what I found inside the package! There was no top sheet for modesty, and when I opened the package I wondered: why bother?

On the subject of Paris fashion, you can see I'll have plenty of leeway as I redefine my own sense of style. The photo doesn't do justice to the shoes or the red teapot handbag, but captures the essence of the two sisters. You can wear anything (or nothing) here!

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