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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving day

Just as I've become acquainted with my neighborhood, found my favorite bakery and my favorite deli - it's time to move again. My apartment was already promised to another renter and I have to move out. I woke up early to clean, then decided to have a traditional French breakfast to remember the great bakery just downstairs. Believe it or not, I often just have cereal (Special K or something resembling granola), but today I rewarded my cleaning efforts by picking up a warm croissant and a brioche to go with my cafe au lait (typically served in a bowl in French homes).

I've returned to the apartment in the Passage d'Enfer. It isn't as quite as large and nicely furnished as the one I just left, but it has the distinct advantage of being free and it's more centrally located. I wrestled my belongings up and down the stairs of the metro and then up the narrow spiral staircase at Passage d'Enfer. This afternoon I'm going to have my first massage to soothe my tired muscles. Remember to travel light when you come to see me!

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