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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23

Today is the Pentecôte holiday in France. It is the seventh Sunday after Easter and a three day weekend for most people here in Paris. It is also International Biodiversity Day and the occasion for an amazing event on the Champs Elysees. The Champs Elysees has been converted into a giant garden for two days. Here is what the Champs Elysees looked like yesterday afternoon:

And here is a photo from the same spot today:

The professional photographers had a better view than I did:

It was a spectacular day and Parisians and tourists alike were out soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the event. Thousands of trees and plants had been moved onto the Champs Elysees overnight. Trees from every ecosystem were represented as well as wild and cultivated grasses, fruits and vegetables. You don't usually see pine trees and palm trees side by side, or tomatoes and strawberries in the middle of the Champs Elysees.

It was appreciated by Parisians of all ages.

This afternoon I went to the Luxembourg gardens. I wasn't the only person who wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. There will be lots of people with sunburns tomorrow.

As much as I enjoyed being in Paris today, I did feel alone. Today is Charlie's birthday and he'll be having brunch with our sons and daughter-in-law. I wish I was there.


  1. Hi Elaine! I wish we could have transported you to brunch yesterday (or I suppose us transported to Paris would have been more fun for everyone!). We miss you. Last week I had an afternoon of Paris-envy. I was looking for last minute tickets to Paris so P and I could come have some oysters with you. We will keep our eyes open for a good deal. On another note, my Mom arrives today! Thank you in advance for meeting up with her. Love, Rach

  2. I wish I had been there with you!!!