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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Sundays are family days in Paris. The markets are very busy before 1:00PM when everyone goes home for a big lunch. In the afternoons, people take to the streets for walks, bike rides and roller blading. Last Sunday was no exception, even though the weather was gray and quite cold. Here are a few shots taken on Sunday:

Nice boots! Parisian women really do dress differently than Boulderites.

No need to cook, just pick up a roast chicken to take home . .

Roller blades anyone?

Ah, j'aime Paris!


  1. We saw a massive swarm of roller bladers when we were in Paris too. We thought it was just a special occasion. I didn't realize there were that many roller bladers every Sunday. Cool!

  2. Great shots! Hard to say what would turn more heads...leopard-skin boots in Whole Foods or Crocs at a Parisian marché...