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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I love open air markets and shopping at the little boutiques that line the rue Mouffetard near my current apartment. Yesterday, however, I needed to buy some household articles that I couldn't find in my neighborhood. When I asked where I could find the goods in question, the answer was unanimous: Monoprix. Monoprix is the French equivalent of Target - or so I thought. I took a bus to a nearby large Monoprix store and was astonished at the range of items sold there. Yes, I was able to find needle nose pliers, a mattress cover, light bulbs, batteries, and toilet paper. But I didn't expect to see truffles and foie gras:

or chilled champagne next to the yogurt:

or twenty varieties of pâté and terrines with a sweet helpful clerk.

Of course they had a large wine selection but can you imagine shopping at Target for a $700 bottle of wine??


  1. It's actually kind of driving me crazy to know all the places you're seeing and not be there myself. I'm jealous. Rue Mouffetard is such a cute street!

  2. This is VERY cool!