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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paris by night

The last night of Ruth's visit we took a ride on one of the tourist boats that cruises the Seine. I don't usually like such touristy things, but I must admit I do like taking the cruise after dark. Paris can be quite magical at night, and even the noisy students on our boat didn't spoil the ambiance.

Here are a few of the gargoyles on Notre Dame:

A hazy half moon was peeking over the top of Notre Dame:

And here is Notre Dame from another angle:

The Eiffel Tower seen from the river:

And this is the Conciergie, a former prison where Marie Antoinette (among many others!) was held before going to the guillotine:

I must admit that I'm quite happy with the camera that I bought just before leaving. All of these photos were taken by ME!


  1. You rival all the post card photogs. Keep it up.

  2. My! That is pretty! Almost as good as actually being there:)

  3. Your photos are AMAZING, Elaine!!! And I'm enjoying your blog SO MUCH! It sounds like your visit with Ruth was really wonderful. Keep blogging!