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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last week we were on our way to dinner when we drove by an unoccupied building not far from our apartment. Painters were hard at work on their art - but unfortunately we didn't have time to stop and catch them in action. We went back this week to capture the results.

A self-portrait of the artist?

No surface left untouched - walls, sidewalk, trees, lampposts, etc.

You can check it out yourself if you live in Paris - 18 rue des Pyrénées in the 20th arrondissement.

Elaine caught in the act . . .


  1. Elaine - Have you been to Rue Denoyez in Belleville? Apparently it is the only street in Paris where it is "legal" to do graffiti. Some great art too, that is constantly changing. Go check it out, if you have not already. There is also some great vietnamese restaurants in the area, Dong Huong, worth a visit. We took trips all the way up there from our place just for a bowl of vermicelli. also, love your photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. I too, never tire of all the beauty in Paris. Joyeux Noel! bises.

  2. You are so cute my sweet sister.........even the back of your head! I so look forward to your posts knowing y'all will embark on a new and interesting adventure. Much love, yer Sis