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Monday, December 19, 2011

Eight months

Patrice and I have been together for eight months now. Each month, on the 19th (the day we met), we celebrate by drinking a Kwak - the Belgian beer that we drank on our first meeting. We now have our own special glasses, so we had a toast with our Christmas tree in the background.

Eight months - and each month is better than the last.


  1. OMG......you two are so cute I almost can't stand it! Happy eight months and many, many more! Love, yer Sis :-)

  2. Congratulations on your 8-month anniversary! Chuck and I so enjoyed spending that little time with you & Patrice and your happiness with each other is so obvious. Wish we could get to Paris to help you celebrate another anniversary. And I love the photos!

  3. You & Patrice are so sweet together. It is so amazing that you have found each other! And celebrating with a beer each month; mais c'est merveilleux!

  4. j avoue vous etes vraiment à croquer sur cette photo, je vous kiff .... bisoux Patrice s daughter