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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekend in Brittany (part 1)

We spent the weekend in St. Brieuc on the north coast of Brittany. Patrice's daughter, Florence, lives in St. Brieuc and she was anxious to introduce her new love, Gérard. Gérard is from the Basque region in the south of France and he has been traveling over 750 km every other weekend to be with Florence.

On Sunday, the four of us made an excursion to the nearby Island of Bréhat. The tide was out when we arrived, leaving boats high and dry.

The island is small - just 3.5 km long and 1.5 km wide - and cars are not allowed. We passed up the bicycles and explored the island on foot. It was a pleasant way to pass the afternoon getting to know Gérard.

Here are a couple of photos of Florence and Gérard

I wish them all the happiness in the world.

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  1. thanks a lot !!!
    des bisoux à toi et à Patrice,