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Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 1st

November 1st (Toussaint or All Saints Day) is a holiday in France. It is equivalent to Memorial Day in the U.S. - a time when people visit cemeteries and remember their deceased relatives. It is also the exact date of the death of Patrice's wife Giselle in 2004 and his mother's death in 2008. Both of them died on the same date (different year) in the same room of the same hospital of the same malady - cancer.

Each year since 2004, Patrice has traveled to Nantes to place flowers on Giselle's tomb. And so, following our visit to St. Brieuc, we traveled south to Nantes to continue the tradition.

It was a solemn occasion, made happier by the fact that we are together.

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