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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lac du Der - part 2 - cranes

The Lac du Der is the largest lake in France. It was created in the 1970s to regulate the flow of water in the rivers and to keep Paris and the Seine river safe from flooding. The lake provides a refuge for common cranes (grues cendrées) which migrate south from Scandinavia. The water is very low at this time of the year, but the cranes don't seem to mind.

The cranes look like this up close. (I didn't take this photo - they're too skittish and I was too far away to get a good shot)

Most photographers come equipped with equipment like this:

My camera takes photos like this:

You can get up early and see them take off, (we didn't) or you can watch them return to the lake at sunset (we did).

The cranes make a distinctive cry. It sounds like this:

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  1. Your pictures of the cranes are wonderful. They look very much like the Sandhill cranes that migrate through the central part of Nebraska in the spring. They have the same red patch on the head but ours are gray. They also make quite a racket when landing & taking off & are quite a tourist attraction.