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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


July 19th was the three month anniversary of the day that Patrice and I met. Three months. Is that all? It feels like we've known each other forever. A huge surprise to us both. And probably to many of you, too.

We have been living together since the middle of May. We have decided for many reasons to live in Patrice's apartment on the east side of Paris: 1. He is the owner rather than renter, 2. There is more usable space, and 3. The monthly charges are half what I was paying before. I have given my notice to René and Sophie, and will be officially giving up my apartment at the end of September.

We observed the anniversary by going back to the scene of our first meeting and drinking another Kwak to celebrate.

Here's what Patrice had to say on the occasion of our anniversary:

"Three months! It’s at the same time a long and a short period.
Three months of happiness!
I wonder how many people haven’t known even a single day of happiness ?
And, you know, it’s only beginning. . .
I can never thank Christopher Columbus enough for having discovered the New World. It’s really a New World for me and, I hope, for Elaine too.
We are on our way for the next twenty years, at least."


  1. That is just about the sweetest thing I have ever read! God bless you both and happy anniversary yesterday. Can't wait to see you both.

  2. Woohoo! Such good news. I have fond memories of your apartment on the rue St. Charles--back in the era before Patrice, which would have been, uh, March. So much has changed since then, but there you are, still in Paris, still where you belong, and with much to be happy about.

  3. Qu'il est plaisant de voir que votre amour et votre bonheur donnent tort à Balzac qui se trompait en disant " Le bonheur est une bulle de savon qui change de couleur comme l’iris et qui éclate quand on la touche." Quand venez-vous nous rendre visite à Amboise ?

  4. Oh Elaine, how lovely! I came across your blog again and am thrilled that you are obviously very happily settling into Year 2 in Paris. It seemed that only time would bring you a wonderful partner to enjoy life with. You are an inspiration! Much love to you from the States.

    Dream well my dreaming friend - Jeni