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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Atlantic Coast

We didn't spend all of our time in the oyster beds of Arcachon - we also visited the coastal town of Cap Ferret. On the way, we stopped and dipped our toes in the ocean. I forgot my swimming suit that day - and besides, the water is pretty cold - about 64 degrees F.

On the way back, we stopped by a little restaurant where the special of the day was paella. Yumm.

We also climbed up a lookout point with a narrow winding staircase.

The view from above was exquisite. But maybe we weren't paying attention?

By the way, do you notice anything significant in this photo?

I've started wearing skirts . . . occasionally . . . . uh oh. What next?


  1. Wow, Elaine, skirts. You *are* having fun!

  2. Dangly earrings also. Oooh la la! Keep these delightful surprises coming and see you soon! Love, yer Sis Jan