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Friday, July 22, 2011

Paris Tour Guide

I love showing friends around MY Paris. Marty, a good friend of Philippe and Rachel's, was in Paris this week. I was pleased to lend him my apartment and to spend a few hours walking around Paris, telling stories.

I met Marty at Au Sauvignon, my favorite wine bar near St. Germain, and from there we walked east towards St. Michel and the Latin Quarter. Then, across the Seine to Notre Dame followed by a beer on the Ile St. Louis.

We crossed the Seine again and checked out the Paris Plages (beaches). Each summer, the city of Paris closes off the street along the Seine and brings in tons of sand and creates a summer getaway for those who can't leave Paris. I wrote about this last year.

Here are a couple of photographs from this year's event . .

Amateur sand castle

Professional sand castle!

This couple didn't want their picture taken

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