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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A change of pace

There was a message waiting for me when I returned from Grenoble: "I'd like to meet you."

I've maintained a subscription on a French internet dating site but hadn't ever met anyone from the site. I've been too busy with other activities. It's time consuming to go through the profiles, and I haven't felt particularly lonely lately. But for some reason, this message came through . . .

Just a cup of coffee. That's the rule for the first meeting. So we picked a place halfway between my place and his place. But rather than a cup of coffee, we had a beer instead - a delicious Belgian beer served in a distinctive glass.

I guess you could say we hit it off, because after a beer (or two) at 4pm, we quickly decided to have dinner together. What to have for dinner? How about oysters? Sure, but the Cabane is closed on Tuesday, so we decided to head to the north side of Paris to a well-known seafood restaurant. How to get there? On Patrice's motor scooter! Aack. I've never been on a motor scooter before. Can you believe it? I'm just a little bit scared. No, maybe a lot scared! But Patrice has an extra helmet and an extra jacket and he assures me that he'll drive safely.

It's too early for dinner, so we decide to take a walk in the touristy area near Sacre Coeur.

As we talk, we are both surprised at the number of interests we have in common. And remember that list? I'm surprised at the number of characteristics that he fulfills: He is single, speaks excellent English, loves to travel, and knows how to cook. hmmmm.
So anyway, after a good seafood dinner, he took me home on the scooter.

And then? A goodnight kiss in front of my building. And plans for dinner tomorrow. . .

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