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Monday, April 4, 2011


Should I go out with a married man? I always promised myself that I wouldn't - especially after being on the wronged side of that equation for too many years. But I was flattered by the attention. And I have been spending a lot of time alone these days. . .

I agreed to spend Sunday afternoon with M. We planned to take a bike ride, an innocent enough pastime, but the rainy weather called for a change of plans. We went to a concert instead - a nice alternative. Maybe I'm being naive or judgemental - but his kisses in the middle of the sidewalk felt desperate. Whoa. Too much, too soon. And my intuition says No. Not just because he's married. Just because. No other explanation needed. I need to listen to my feelings. I don't need to explain myself. But it's still hard to tell the truth when he calls back wanting to see me again.


  1. Trust your instincts, or risk an intervention from your sister...lol!

  2. Good advice! I always listen to you, sis. :-)

  3. Maybe either side of that equation leaves you 'wronged'

  4. It was a nice idea to say "NO"