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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ducks, geese, and guinea hens

Have you ever eaten a goose egg? I hadn't - until yesterday. I went to my favorite duck lady to buy some more of her delicious terrines. I noticed that she had some very large eggs. "The geese have started to lay," she said.
I've never tasted a goose egg - so I decided to try one. It has a giant yolk with a taste much richer and silkier than a chicken egg. Yumm!

I served some of her artisanal terrine de canard (duck) and terrine de pintade (guinea hen), plus some of her duck saucisson (salami) at a party recently and got loads of compliments. But all the compliments go to Cécile. She makes all of the products herself and then drives from her farm in Normandy to our Paris street market once a week.
I suppose this isn't much different than those of you who support your local farmers' markets - but I never tire of these discoveries.

Want to practice your French and see the farm for yourself? Check it out here:

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