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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crosby Stills and Nash in Paris

Sometimes I feel like a journalist or social anthropologist - an outsider going places and watching others with a notebook in hand. And sometimes I do things or go places just because I think I should expand my boundaries and explore new things. I felt a little like that last night.

I noticed that Crosby Stills and Nash were playing in Paris. Hmmm, I recognize the names, but I am notoriously deficient in my knowledge of contemporary music and the music of my contemporaries. I can count on one hand the number of rock or pop music concerts I've attended. I've actually attended more classical music concerts than rock or pop. I'm not very good at remembering the names of classical composers or artists either. It's embarrassing.

My sons are well aware of my musical deficiencies and are incredibly patient when I ask for the umpteenth time: "what's the name of that group again?" It's Bob Marley, Mom. Oh yeah, I knew that . . .

A few years ago my sister treated me to an Eagles concert in Denver. Wow! What a treat! But again I felt more like an anthropologist than a music lover. Of course I recognized and enjoyed the songs once I'd heard them. I don't live under a rock after all! ;-) But I'm really bad at identifying musical groups with the names of the songs that they've written and made famous.

So last night I decided to enlarge my musical education by wandering by the Olympia theatre around showtime. I hadn't bought a ticket ahead of time, I trusted that I could pick up a ticket at the last minute - and I did. Even though the show was sold out, there is usually someone with an extra ticket to sell - especially if you need only one. I lucked out, and got a great seat at a discount price.

Now I can at least recognize Crosby Stills and Nash if they cross the street in front of me, and yes, I could sing along with at least a couple of songs; but the largely French (and largely male) audience was clearly more familiar than I was with the songs they played.


  1. Did you enjoy the CSN music? You failed to mention any enjoyment of Mr. Stills amazing guitar or the harmonies?

  2. Of course! How could I not? And Stills was in fine form - especially judging from the reactions of the audience who were swaying, singing, cheering, standing, and stomping throughout the evening. It's just that I had never ever even seen him before . . the phrase 'throwing pearls before swine' comes to mind . . The true aficionados sitting in front of me acknowledged that they'd never heard better.

  3. You know David Crosby and Graham Nash sang GORGEOUS back-up vocals on quite a few James Taylor albums! Some of the best harmony singers around. I LOVE their work!