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Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking for a new apartment

I have to move out on Aug 31st and searching for a new apartment is a time-consuming, gut-wrenching process. It will be hard for me to find something that I like as much as the place that I'm in now. It is large, well equipped, sunny, quiet, near markets and three bus lines. It's a place where I can invite friends for dinner. I have a desk to work at, good internet connection, a TV, a separate bedroom, an elevator, a place to put my bike. And it's affordable.

I just gave up an option on another place - that's the gut wrenching part. It was in a fabulous neighborhood, with markets and four bakeries within a half a block. Two parks nearby too. Sunny, not too noisy, but smaller and more expensive than the place I'm in now. No desk, no table for eating and working.

It's the second guessing that is bad. What if I let that one go and I don't find another as good?

But maybe I'll find something even better? I have another lead - a larger place in a good neighborhood, great view, quiet, but more expensive, no elevator, the nearest bakery at least a block away. It's got better transport connections, but there's something about it - maybe the pictures on the wall? - that make it seem "old".

Wish me luck as I try to find another place to live that I can afford and that fulfills most of the items on my wish list.


  1. I feel your dilemma. But you’ll never know what more is in store for you if you settled for next best thing. It’s been years since this post, so I hope you’ve found the best place for you to live by considering your priorities. Susan @ Ballarat Apartments

  2. I've read your latest post about being a nomad. Does that mean you’re still unable to find the place that suits you best? Or you’ve simply decided to travel around for fun. I hope it’s the latter. Thanks for sharing, Elaine! I'm wishing you the best on your journey!

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

  3. I know how difficult the search for a new place to call home can be, and I hope you found the perfect spot to meet your needs and wants. That one apartment sounds like it had a great location with its proximity to stores and parks. If you're still searching, don't give up! There's sure to be an even better place in store.

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora Real Estate

  4. I was almost ready to sell our house by owner, when a friend warned me about all the pitfalls that can occur if you are not using a realtor. Luckily I listened, and my realtor was awesome. He took care of making sure we only had qualified buyers and we were able to lock down a deal in a fraction of the time I anticipated.

    Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent