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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blue stuff

As the months go by I've started running out of the supplies I brought with me such as toothpaste and shampoo. I can't find my favorite toothpaste, so while examining the myriad options I thought I'd try the one that advertised "teeth instantly whiter from the 1st brushing - clinically proven". After all, age, strong coffee and red wine do take their toll on the color of teeth. It seemed to work OK and I didn't think any more about it.

Later, I succombed to the sales pitch of Steeve the hairdresser who proposed a shampoo specifically designed for gray/silver hair. Why not? Especially since it was less expensive than the last "professional" shampoo that the salon recommended. Again, I didn't think too much about it until one day I noticed blue spots on the shower curtain. Huh? I did notice that the shampoo seemed awfully BLUE, almost purple. I started reading the fine print. Will my hair turn blue? Remember the blue-haired old ladies? Will I become one?

I read and translated the fine print on the bottle: "Effects are optical only. Do not use every day." That made me wonder about the toothpaste too. Sure enough - the fine print also says something about optical effects. . .

Eeeuw. Do they sell stuff like this in the U.S. too?

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  1. The blue shampoo is amazing i have used both purple and blue shampoos i had pretty much white blonde hair and it prevented any brassyness which is what those shampoos are for. the tooth paste id be a little scared to use though