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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Having a baby in Paris

My friend Bo Weston had a baby last week and I went to visit her at the American Hospital. (Yes, Paris has an American Hospital, an American Library, and an American Church). No, I didn't attend the birth, doulas are virtually unknown here. I could find only three doulas listed for a population of 11 million. An opportunity? or an uphill battle? Probably the latter. Anyway, back to Bo and her beautiful baby girl Margaux Ann Louise Hervé-Weston.

Here is Margaux:

And Bo:

So what is unique about Parisian hospitals? Check out the wine list on the room service menu!

The menu also included smoked salmon, melon and prosciutto, salade nicoise, and tomatoes with mozzarella as entrees, and for main courses - chicken breast with morel mushroom sauce, beef filet with bearnaise sauce, and a fresh fish option. There were five different desserts listed including a pear tarte, fondant au chocolat (chocolate cake with a warm melted chocolate center) apple trifle, several flavors of sorbet, plus a fresh fruit salad. Too bad new moms can't eat like this everyday! Yummm.

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