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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Traveling with Eric

My son Eric is here in Colorado for a short visit. He has been living in Hong Kong for the last few years and I don't get to see him very often - so I jumped at the chance to accompany him to Taos to visit with friends Bob and Martha who are Eric's publishers.

The trip from Boulder to Taos takes us through some beautiful, wild, and remote areas of Colorado. The shot below was taken on Poncha Pass at the northern end of the vast San Luis Valley. The San Luis Valley covers approximately 8,000 square miles (21,000 km2) and sits at an average elevation of 7,664 feet (2,336 m) above sea level.

The valley is filled with grass, rabbits, coyotes, elk, pronghorn antelopes and very few people. I was born in a small town in the southern corner of this valley, so each time I come back here it is like coming home for me.

And every moment that I spend with Eric is heaven.

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