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Monday, August 31, 2015

Solo hiking

"Be sure and send me a text when you get back to your car so that I'll know you're safe," Robin reminded me as I set off on yet another solo hike. I often hike alone, or take solo road trips in search of photos or mushrooms. However,  95% of the time these solo excursions are outside of cell phone coverage so I stick to well-marked trails, and always carry plenty of water, extra food, first aid kit, GPS, fire-starter materials, Leatherman multitool, space blanket, and whistle. I like to be prepared. And self-sufficient. But it is nice to know that someone cares, that someone will notice if I don't return as expected.

I recently took a spur of the moment road trip - and drove west into the mountains with no set itinerary, no reservations; au pif* (*au pif is a French expression for 'following my nose'). I ended up in the mountains near Aspen, Colorado. I lucked out and got the last campsite where I set up my tent on the soaking wet ground.

After my picnic dinner I was careful to store my food in the bear-proof container near the campsite.
The following morning I got up early and drove to Maroon Bells Lake to get some photos
And I was thrilled to see a bear on the way back to my campsite!
 Don't worry! I was in my car and black bears are far more afraid of us than we are of them! The cyclists were somewhat intimidated . . . . but the bear ambled back into the forest in search of berries shortly after I took this photo. And the cyclists continued their ride.

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  1. OK you like to hike alone, but take car, please