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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tribute to Marilyn

Today is my Mother's 80th birthday. She has spent 62 years mothering, grandmothering, and great-grandmothering. She has changed tens of thousands of diapers, cooked thousands and thousands of meals, kissed away innumberable tears, and said millions of prayers trying to keep her family safe.

She was married at 17, a mother at 18, a grandmother at 40, and a great-grandmother by the time she was 64. And in spite of life devoted to others - she says she would do it all over again.

Marilyn in high school

Mom holding me in 1950

With my dad in 1970

She came to Paris in 1975 for the birth of my son Philippe - her fifth grandchild.

Here she is today - at 80.

We love you, Mom, and wish you many more years of happiness.

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