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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Six months

Patrice and I celebrated our six months anniversary on October 19th. We are surprisingly compatible and share similar views and interests in most areas. Nevertheless, there are a few areas where we are trying out new experiences in order to please the other. For example, Patrice riding a bicycle or climbing to the top of Angel's Landing have surprised some of his friends and family -- just as my family was surprised to see me attending Nascar races or riding on the back of a motor scooter.

Patrice's wish for our anniversary was to take my Toyota 4x4 and try out some of the dirt roads in the mountains of Colorado.

The weather was gorgeous despite some early season snow.

This trail was rated "easy" in the guidebook, but I still found myself holding my breath as we sloshed through half-frozen water holes

or wobbled through a rocky stretch.

The view from the top was spectacular.

I was quite relaxed as we headed back down the trail -- it wasn't that frightening after all. Now I suppose he'll want to try this trail next time!

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