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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Domestic bliss

My life has taken a quite a different turn here in Paris. I'm spending a LOT of time with Patrice -- and enjoying every minute of it. We enjoy going to the movies and to art exhibits, and we also take regular excursions just outside of Paris to visit historical sights.

Yesterday we visited the town of Moret sur Loing - a small town known as a river crossing point - as far back as the Roman empire.

We also visited the nearby ruins of this basilica in Larchant

But we also spend a lot of time at home sharing domestic tasks.

It's heavenly.


  1. OMG..... that is absolutely the cutest post I have ever seen! I am so happy for you two. With all my love,
    yer sis, Jan :-)

  2. So where, exactly, is home these days? Chez Elaine? Chez Patrice? A little bit of both? In any case, looks like lots of fun!