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Friday, June 3, 2011

The coast of Brittany

Here's the itinerary we took during our trip along the coast of Brittany:

I drove part of the way

Point A was Chez Jacky.
Point B: Walking along the wild rocky coast at the Pointe du Raz.

A day visit to the Ile de Sein across from the Pointe du Raz

The village church in Locronan (point C)

Off the coast of Crozon (point D) - a visit by a classic sailing ship

The Pointe du Penn-Hirr

Then north to visit with Patrice's daughter, Florence, who lives in St. Brieuc (H). Here we are in Paimpol (I):

Next, Perros Guirec (J) and the pink granite rocks

Finally, back to Paris. The city suddenly seems busy and crowded after spending a few peaceful days hiking along the coast.

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  1. quel plaisir de vous avoir chez moi en Bretonie, bisoux a tout les deux