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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wine class

I've been drinking wine with dinner for decades now, but I've never actually taken a formal wine tasting class - until last week. We swirled and sniffed, slurped and chewed our wine - releasing aromas, flavors and textures. We analyzed appearance, nose, and finish - all the while looking for balance, concentration, complexity, and personality.

Hmmm. Interesting. But for me, wine is all about the food that it accompanies. So I trust what Francis tells me when I'm at the Cabane a Huitres and he has only one wine selection to go with the oysters (a local sauvignon blanc). I also trust his judgement when he suggests that I try a sweeter wine with the foie gras or a Medoc with the brebis cheese. Only one type of cheese - only one wine. Easy.

Another option when you don't know what type of wine to serve with your dinner? I turn to my local caviste (wine guy). I can always trust Gwen (yes, it's a man's name in Brittany) to make an excellent suggestion based on the occasion, the menu, and the budget.

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