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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pastry chefs

Eric Zezette is the master of pâte à choux - that's the pastry dough used to make éclairs. He's also the resident clown downstairs at Le Bon Panneton - laughing his way through a shift that begins at 2AM. In between jokes, he's all concentration as he creates the small hats of the "religieuses."

Manuel takes over the pastry station after Zezette leaves at 10AM. His responsibility? Pies, cakes, and macaroons. Here he's preparing an apple dessert.

He'll have to wait till this afternoon to make macaroons - he'll need the pastry ovens to himself so that he can control the temperature. Macaroons need a very different temperature than the other pastries.

And the end result of all this work?

The religieuses are second from the left - next to the eclairs.

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