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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lucca reunion

My Lucca traveling companions will be having a reunion this weekend - getting together in Boulder on Sunday evening to eat, drink, look at photos and reminisce about our trip to Lucca in September. I'm sorry to miss the party.

One of our memorable stops near Lucca was to visit Terre del Sillabo, a vineyard owned by Carla and Giampi Moretti. Carla conducted our tour, explaining how the valley soil and microclimate is particularly suited for growing sauvignon blanc. The day we arrived, she and her husband and a handful of workers were going through the vines one by one, trimming and removing individual grapes that had been damaged by too much rain.

The hills above the house are better suited for chardonnay grapes which are much hardier and easier to grow.

Their production is small, only about 1,500 cases per year.

I have one bottle left from this visit. Maybe I'll open it this evening and toast to my wonderful traveling companions back in Boulder.

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